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4 Seamless Shapewear Styles That Are Invisible Under Your Clothes

July 21st, 2020 | Shapermint Team

New Post

Panty lines are such a pain! So are unruly bulges that give you a muffin top and side boob, or prevent your fave outfits from fitting right. There’s nothing worse than finding a killer look, only to have it spoiled by visible undergarments or self-consciousness.

Thankfully, shopping for your seasonal wardrobe is much easier when you have a smooth foundation to start with. Before you throw ill-fitting clothes into the donations pile, consider these must-have invisible shapewear styles.

Whether it’s your favorite skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, or snug sweaters, our picks will help you look and feel more confident in any outfit.

Shaper Panty

Why wear regular underwear when you can get a shaping panty that smooths the tummy, stays put, and is comfortable enough to wear all day? Especially as these easy on-and-off styles make sure no visible panty lines are seen under your clothes. Choose from at-waist or high-waisted briefs and panties for a firm foundation and invisible shaping.

Did you know you can get a shaping thong? A little piece of magic in your underwear drawer, a high-waisted shaper thong can erase love handles and guarantee no visible panty lines! The best part? It’s comfy AND doesn’t roll down!

Unbelievable, finally, something that works. Almost everything rolls down on me, and I CANT STAND IT, but this shapewear is not only comfortable it works, and you won’t even know you have it on.
Maria C.

Shaper Shorts

Every single one of your outfits will thank you. A few pairs of high-quality shaper shorts in your closet really does make all the difference. Throw them on under pants, dresses, skirts - this versatile style won’t roll down, so it will never let you down. Not only do they sculpt the waist and tame the tummy, but they also lift the butt and prevent chafing. Get full-coverage with high-waisted thigh slimmers, or at-waist smoothing boyshorts to seamlessly hug every inch of your curves. They’re the ultimate secret ingredient for a flawless look.

As a mother of two boys that were very big babies, it is hard to get rid of the dreaded "Mummy Tummy." I eat right and exercise, but I can't seem to get my middle section to cooperate. I don't like the way clothes fit me and I tend to layer up to hide my body. While wearing the shaper shorts, I notice the difference in the way my clothes fit me. The shorts help to smooth out my middle section and tame my "Mummy Tummy." I will continue to eat smart and exercise. However, the shaper shorts will help me feel better about myself in the meantime.
Kristen B.

Shaper Cami

Ready for the best-kept secret in shapewear? Shaper camis are changing how women get dressed. With built-in compression around the side and tummy, you get an instantly smooth silhouette with zero effort. They’re snug for a reason, so stepping into them before pulling up is recommended. An impressive everyday garment in your wardrobe, you’ll be amazed at its seamless style and versatility. From spaghetti strap camis and wide-strap tanks to open-busted pieces, there’s a shaper for all occasions.

Giiiiiiiirrrrl!!!! Most comfortable shapewear I have ever had! Your package will arrive within the week and you will never have to worry about rolls again!!! And definitely add a few of their tanks to your cart!
Heather P.


Without a doubt, your most powerful ally in fighting visible panty lines and getting a smooth look in any outfit is the mighty bodysuit! Firm but comfortable on your curves, you will feel in control without being squeezed or pinched. To lift your butt and smooth your love handles and tummy, you can’t go wrong with a bodysuit shaper. Designed for full-body coverage to give you extra confidence under any outfit, you won’t want to take them off. And with bodysuit shaping panties, shorts, slips, and more, you have plenty of options to choose from.

I love this lightweight comfortable shapewear. It doesn't creep up, pinch or feel like you're in a sauna. It accentuates the beautiful curves every woman has.
Debbie L.

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